Fox Cubs and Deer

 Hi all. This is my latest walk from a couple of nights ago, I'm desperately trying to make them more regular, and will keep updating my progress, but fibromyalgia loves to make that difficult. I keep reminding myself that I'm doing my best, and doing all I can. My determination is strong and I will... Continue Reading →


I managed a walk last night!

I managed to do a walk last night despite my pain levels being high and my mood being on the lower side. I went further than I thought, and was very pleased with myself. I did have a hard time at the end of the walk which was a tad scary and very unpleasant, but... Continue Reading →


Having a mental illness like Bipolar Disorder, connections are vital in order to cope with the symptoms and to live daily life. For me, those vital connections are those with other people, my support system, which I feel very lucky to have. Having someone in your life who truly understands your illness and how it... Continue Reading →

Chihuahua Agility

Hi all! My mood and pain levels are heading in the right directions so I'm very pleased about that, and feel a bit more like myself today. The last couple of nights I couldn't manage a walk but we took the dogs last night to a field where there is agility equipment. All three had... Continue Reading →

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